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If you have any questions, please contact our 24-hour Customer Care team.

General Inquiries

Parcel Kiosk operates an active sales channel to ensure we get first hand information on local market needs and support our installations better. Please visit our "Where to Buy" page to access our partners listing. Alternatively, you may contact us for more information on

Parcel Kiosk can now offer live shipping rates to clients in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

Bedal Web Connect (BWC) is our software utility that enables a user to capture the exact dimensions and weight of your parcel and save it on a local drive. The saved location can then be used to feed captured data to a website or to a shipping software. To access BWC, please contact one of our sales partners or contact us at for more information.

Pre-manifesting speeds up shipping times, but it relies on pin-pointing actual shipping charges before the order is picked. Now that carriers are using DIM weights to calculate shipping fees, estimating postage based on weight alone is a risky business. The two ways of padding your estimate — either overcharging the customer or overpaying the carrier — are both unsustainable. With dimensioning, pre-manifesting is more accurate. Dimensioning systems provide the data that lets you estimate shipping costs the same way that carriers do. No surprises for you or your customers. If the quandary over how to calculate shipping charges has steered you away from pre-manifesting, you’re missing other opportunities besides improving warehouse floor efficiencies. Pre-manifesting allows you to mark the order shipped, thereby improving your performance metrics. You can also collect payment immediately, which alerts you to credit cards that are declined before picking even begins. Source: [Omar Dajani]

Parcel Kiosk is a joint venture with a leading international manufacturer of office products - Welltec Co., Ltd. Welltec manufacture products for us in Seoul, South Korea.

Parcel Kiosk is now offering live shipping rates in Germany and UK.

Parcel Kiosk and Lockheed Martin have collaborated to make Bedal Weight and Dimensional platform OCR compatible. Launched as an optional solution, clients that need hand written capability with address verification can do so with an upgraded version of Bedal. Please contact us on for more information.

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Please contact your ParcelKiosk business manager to apply for download access.