Our new, unmanned post office kiosk is designed to provide a one-stop shop for postal delivery, bill payment and cash withdrawals in the urban environment.

Ray is an unmanned post office solution that offers high-speed mail and parcel registration, secure delivery and other convenient functions including banking.

Unlike existing lockers on the market, Ray uses image processing technology to identify different kinds of lettermail and parcels. Although there is a high demand for lockers in business districts, users often have to wait in line because the existing solutions can only handle mail items one at a time. Our solution can accept up to 10 mailpieces in one minute and users can also receive deliveries. A smartphone app, for Android and iOS, can be used in conjunction with the kiosk.

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Ray has been engineered to take into account the environment in which it is installed and has a user-friendly interface. The kiosk can be designed to fit any space and quickly processes multiple jobs in a single operation. Ray offers many functions, including mail and parcel acceptance, cash dispensing, utility bills payment and document printing, providing a convenient working environment. The all-in-one solution is particularly suitable in lobbies of large office buildings which hold several companies.


The Ray kiosks can handle both ordinary mail and parcels, as well as registered mail and parcels, and offers a track-and-trace service that maps the entire process after the mail or parcel has been sent. Ray is suitable for installation in highly populated areas with a large footfall, such as major post offices, public areas (for example subway stations), public phone booths and building lobbies.

For a new building, Ray could be planned into the design during the layout stage to maximise convenience and improve the environment for residents or employees. The solution is compatible with many postal services and Welltec has been collaborating with Korea Post for many years to develop a multifunctional postal kiosk and software development kit. Ray can also be installed to substitute for post offices where traditional establishments are not viable.

Key Features

RAY’s user interface can be enabled to provide the following services to a customer.

Measurement of mail size and auto measurement of weight using CMOS camera and ‘Weight on the Way’ technology

User interface through large screen and advertising monitor

Credit card, phone and RFID payment

Registered mail, parcel and high-volume mail processing

Voice recognition for address searching

Auto labelling of indicia

Maximized convenience with smartphone application

Public fee and tax payment

Cash withdrawal available

Official documents issued

Many other convenient functions available

Product Demo

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Watch how our clients
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