Bedal, manufactured by ParcelKiosk, is a self-service shipping terminal that helps users calculate the exact chargeable dimensions of a package. Powered by Parcelrate, our SAAS parcel comparison tool, Bedal is delivering value and tangible savings to its users.

With more than 10 million online stores, contributing well over US$2 Trillion to the eCommerce economy, the demand for automation has never been greater.

The supply chain and logistics industry has done a great deal of development around addressing, warehouse management and last mile space - but when we consider “data capture at the point of origin”, more is yet to come.

Bedal by ParcelKiosk aims to address the need for accurate data capture before a package enters the supply chain. Developed as a desktop solution, Bedal enables stakeholders in the supply chain to analyze data early in the shipping process and take effective decisions to improve operational productivity.

As a low cost and easy to implement dimensional platform, Bedal saves clients up to 10% in shipping costs. Simply place your package on Bedal and it will measure and weigh your parcel in under three seconds. The device’s OCR capability is powered by Lockheed Martin which enables carriers to capture key package data before it arrives at the hub. Bedal has a pre-installed image capture camera which helps shippers provide proof of shipment, settle insurance queries, etc.

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Bedal’s SmartConnect utility software supports multi-carrier shipping platforms, so by using optional accessories like a Windows tablet and a label printer, customers can measure a package, select a carrier and generate a label - all within 30 seconds.


Developed as an agnostic IOT device, Bedal’s API gateway enables simple integration with multiple supply chain platforms and can be installed for use in mid-size eCommerce warehouses, 3PLs and carrier retail counters.

Bedal’s unique ability to capture dimension, weight, image while undertaking address verification via OCR means it could revolutionise eCommerce. You send, you save… simple

Key Features

Our solutions save our clients valuable time, reduce carbon footprint and free them from shipping errors. Cutting on operational costs help our clients compete and improve their performance metrics.

Optimization through Bedal reduces waste, improves decision making and drives customer retention.

The tradition way of parcel preparation and acceptance is cumbersome and risk prone. Your business can now improve order to ship metrics through affordable automation. Bedal 3S ensures package dimensions and weight are accurately captured and presented in your shipping platform for onward processing.

Our clients on average save up to 10% on shipping charges and see a vast improvement in resource efficiency.

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Watch how our clients
maintain their edge

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Case Study

Find out how Bedal has helped other businesses



hexTronik Ltd., trading as HobbyKing.com


Hong Kong


eCommerce retailer

About HobbyKing

HobbyKing is a Hong Kong based eCommerce site predominantly selling remote control products such as planes, helicopters, drones and accessories. Founded in 2005 in Hong Kong by Anthony Hand the company targets the market with competitively priced models while still offering quality, performance and service. HobbyKing has products for all age groups, for newcomers to experts in the world of modelling. They also own brands OrangeRx, Turnigy and Durafly. The company launched gradually in local markets with the opening of regional warehouses. It has its headquarters in Hong Kong and six warehouses in Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Netherlands, UK and USA.

Challenges Faced

In Hong Kong the company’s warehouse carries its entire product range of over 25,000 SKU’s, the majority of which are small to medium sized toys and parts. With such a major range and a global clientele, HobbyKing are constantly facing challenges such as:
• Manual product dimension measurements
• Parcel size calculation in the backend
• Differences between calculation and real parcel size

“Problem resolution through Bedal” by Susanne Stier, Logistics Manager

“We selected Bedal because of its capability to integrate with our existing system. Bedal helped us by increasing the accuracy of our product dimensions, order size calculation and parcel size calculation. We were also able to implement a standard box size logic in order to standardize packing globally. Getting the dimensions right at the warehouse level enables us to negotiate better shipping rates with a range of carriers and most importantly we save a lot of man hours by eliminating manual measurement checks.”

“Our finance teams would benefit because they no longer need to reconcile carrier statements. The data captured from Bedal would help our pricing team take crucial decisions when it comes to setting the right pricing models, without the risk of losing on freight costs.”